This site tracks trial points for the United States Border Collie Handlers Association (USBCHA) and the Northeast Border Collie Association (NEBCA).


Do I need to register and login?

No. Logging in is only for the system administrators. Registering and logging in makes no difference to what you will be able to see on the system.

How do I know which trials are included in the results?

From the points page (USBCHA Sheepdog or Cattledog, or NEBCA) look at the selector just above the points data. Click the circle next to "Trial". That will take you to the trials section. The trial dropdown will show you which trials in the trial year selected above have results and are included. Make sure you have chosen the trial year you are looking for.

Why do I see results for a different calendar year than the one shown on the Trial Year drop down?

The trial year is different from the calendar year. Right now both USBCHA and NEBCA have a trial year of 1 August - 31 July. The trial year that begins in August 2018 and ends in July 2019 is Trial Year 2019. Note that NEBCA had a different trial year before 2014, ending in mid September.

What if I placed at a trial but don't see my points?

First make sure that trial is included in the results. Second, while many trials only award placements/ribbons/payout to two dogs per handler, one handler can earn points on more than two dogs. If there were handlers with 3 dogs in the top 10 that may have pushed you to a placement that did not earn points. Go to Trial on the selector underneath the organization logo on the points page, find the trial you are looking for and see where you fall in the results. Still think there is a problem? Check with the organization points keeper (USBCHA or NEBCA, these are available on their web sites) or ask the trial host.

How do I submit trial results?

USBCHA requirements for submission of results have not changed. Forms and directions can be found on the USBCHA website at https://usbcha.com/resources/forms-and-applications/. NEBCA results can be submitted directly to the NEBCA Points Keeper on the form below. Although it is not required to submit the results on the form below, those who are tasked with loading the results into the system will issue gold stars and much love to trial hosts that provide the results in a spreadsheet format that separates first name, last name, dog name, and placement in separate columns. Feel free to provide results for all dogs that went to the post if you want your trial results posted completely.
Excel Results Template
Do you use Google Sheets? These two links will help you to use the template provided above in Google Sheets. Once you have entered your data in Google Sheets you can download your document as a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) to submit the points.
DocumentSnap - Convert Excel to Google Sheets
Google help - import data sets and spreadsheets

Why are there no USBCHA Nursery results before the 2020 trial year?

Nursery results were not imported prior to the trial year 2020 (1 Aug 2019 - 31 Jul 2020). Going forward we will maintain each year so a history will be built up.

Why are there no NEBCA Novice Novice, Pro Novice, and Ranch results prior to Trial Year 2019?

All results through the end of Trial Year 2019 for NEBCA Novice (which ended 31 Aug 2019) were imported as a single historical trial. These old results were not stored in a way that allowed the trials to be broken out separately. The old results were brought in this way to ensure that we can track the overall points total for each dog as there are rules that apply based on those lifetime totals. All trial results for NEBCA Novice trials after that date were imported separately. Going forward the results will be retained for each trial.

I think I found an error in a past trial year, what do I do?

We made our best effort to load up all historical point data. Over 10 years of history of accomplishments of dogs and handlers is valuable information. However this is old data, coming from a system that is structured quite differently. It is not perfect and there are discrepancies. If you find a major problem please let the points person for the organization know. Otherwise we are quite busy making sure the current year is up to date and an accurate record.

My dog Spot was #1 in NEBCA in 2007, now he's listed as #3. What happened?

The rules for accumulating points for NEBCA has changed twice in the time frame this system covers. First it was your top 12 trials, with a different method of calculating points awarded for each trial, and you could only have a certain number of trials in each state/province count towards your total. The calculation for awarding points was the number of dogs you placed above, awarded to the top 10 dogs in a trial with up to 50 dogs competing, and the top 20% of dogs for trials of more than 50 dogs. The quota for how many trials you could count from any one state/province was dropped eventually. Finally the NEBCA rules for accumulating points were updated to match the rules USBCHA uses with the exception that NEBCA counts 10 trials per year rather than 5. Although this points system uses the 12 trial rule for trials through trial year 2014, no consideration is made for the state quota. It simply looks at the top 12 trials for trial years up to and including 2014. (By the way, congratulations on Spot.)